Anadrol after cycle therapy

Anadrol after cycle therapy


Oxin UFC-Pharm is only used to build muscle mass, in most cases, experienced athletes or professionals will use oxymetholone.The use of this preparation helps to build the desired muscle mass and increase strength in the shortest possible time. It should be noted that Anabolone is one of the fastest steroids. Its effects can be felt within a few hours after the first dose:

  • Effects of the oxycodone regimen.
  • The increase in quality muscle mass is very fast.
  • A slight increase in water may increase endurance.
  • A huge increase in endurance performance.
  • Strong twitch even with just a few repetitions.
  • Gentle fat burning effect all over the body, including in problem areas.
  • Minimal rebound (muscle mass remains, only water is expelled).
  • Powerful anabolic support for the body.
  • Possibility to combine Oxin with other steroids.

Oxin can also be purchased as a stand-alone treatment, but a more effective course is a multi-step regimen that begins with Oxin. Oxinol immediately increases metabolism due to rapid absorption, preparing the body for the intense exercise that follows. Other oral products “detoxify” slowly, which is why professionals often use oxymetholone in the initial stages of multi-ingredient steroid sessions.

Longer courses (more than 8-10 weeks) use Oxinum. Doses range from 50 to 100 mg per day. The best combination is a long testosterone ester or a combination drug such as substanon or omnadren-250. I recommend using Oxymetholone only for the first 5-6 weeks and then replacing it with other oral steroids (Turinabol, methane, stanozolol, etc.).


The plan is simple: in the context of increased protein synthesis due to priemoksimetholon.a, you quickly improve your metabolism and strength indicators, then decrease and fix the results with testosterone esters and mild oral drugs. As a result of such a course, you will save more than 90% of your muscle mass and expel only water, which, among other things, gives you the relief you dreamed of.

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Long-term use of Anabolone Balkan is unreasonable and unnecessary. Some weightlifters combine Anabolone with Deca (Nandrolone), but this regimen is only suitable for those who are not prone to gynecological problems and other progestogenic side effects. In addition, if the percentage of subcutaneous fat is high, this regimen should not be used.

Ultramalon, Hesperidin and Primoran are also used in combination, but these are professional programs. For amateurs, testosterone is sufficient. The use of hydroxyprogesterone is not recommended for women. The risk of increasing fat mass is too high. Without testosterone, the results of the course would be discouraging.

SCT after Oxin UFC-Pharm

Before buying Oxymetholonone, you should be aware of its progestogenic activity. If you have an increase in estradiol and other female hormones, it’s best to use a milder medication or adjust your hormones first.

If you don’t take more than 150 mg a day, you won’t have any side effects. All the rumours that oxycodone is very harmful and dangerous are nothing but stereotypes about fake products. Oxin UFC-Pharm is an excellent example of good quality oxycodone.

SCT after Oxin UFC-Pharm

Post course treatment is standard and should be based on the course components. If the Oxin course is for one person, then 2 tablets per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) for 10-14 days of clomid would be sufficient. I would recommend buying some sort of testosterone booster from exercise to speed up recovery.

After finishing the oxymetholone preparation, look at the most active steroid and take it for PKT. e.g. instead of starting SCT immediately after testosterone enanthate, use the corresponding preparation later.

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Taking anabolic steroids for exercise purposes means gaining muscle mass. But there is also an opposite process: the phenomenon of rebound. It is important to understand that this is a mandatory and unavoidable procedure, which directly depends on your decision and your correct behaviour on PKT.
PKT (PST) is an activity designed to restore natural (natural) testosterone synthesis (i.e. natural testicular function) as soon as possible after taking anabolic steroids (AS), minimising the fact that rebound and other side effects can occur during and after AS administration.

An intelligently executed PLT will help to almost completely avoid the rebound phenomenon and allow you to maintain the quality you have acquired while taking AS.

Treatment after oxymetholone

Which medication should I choose for SCT: clomid or tamoxifen?

SCT after Oxin UFC-Pharm

Both products are selective estrogen receptor modifiers. Studies have shown that the effects of clomid are concentrated in the pituitary gland, while amoxifen accumulates in the same amount in other tissues of the body.

Drug comparison:

  • Clomid is several times more expensive than tamoxifen;
  • Clomid is inferior as an anti-estrogen;
  • The two drugs do not differ in potency;
  • Tamoxifen helps lower blood cholesterol;
  • Tamoxifen should not be taken after taking drugs such as nandrolone and trenbolone because it can increase progesterone receptors, which can cause unwanted side effects;
  • Tamoxifen is more toxic.

In comparison, tamoxifen is beneficial in almost all categories, while its competitor can be used for PKM by nandrolone and trenbolone.

Tribulus is also suitable for PCT at a daily dose of 6000mg. Its advantage is its ability to influence the production of luteinizing hormone, which has a positive effect on male sex hormone production.
Tribulus should never be used as the main and only agent of SCT. It is only suitable as a supplement.
In addition, proper nutrition and rational training modifications have an important impact on recovery.
In order to restore the body’s natural testosterone production, it is recommended to take clomiphene citrate for 2 weeks after oxymetholone treatment (1 tablet per day, 1 tablet in the evening – FIRST WEEK, 1 tablet in the morning – LATER).

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Treatment after oxymetholone

I would like to emphasize that tamoxifen should be avoided after treatment with oxymetholone. This is because it stimulates prolactin release. You should start taking PCT 5-7 days after the end of the course. Also, it is not unreasonable to use Tribulus terrestris after the end of clomid.